What is it?

Scryn is a social network dedicated to videogames screenshots sharing. Games developers are giving us more and more opportunities to practice photography in their virtual worlds through built-in photo modes!

Scryn is like an album of souvenir photos, but for video games. An album for your memories spent in virtual worlds.


Video games are pieces of art, they contain virtual worlds that allow us to perform many different actions. These actions are sometimes unique and very difficult to reproduce. Like in real life...

Photo modes are more and more used by players. Depending on the games and the possibilities given by their photo mode, it is possible to make breathtaking screenshots without photo editing. It is also possible to create movies !

Scryn wants to allow players and also developers to share about their ingame screenshots (or videoclips). Whether they are artistic, sporty or abstract, screenshots are like photos, they immortalize moments! And we like to see them from time to time to remind us.

See In-game photography on Wikipedia

Virtual Photography Communities

The PhotoMode

An all inclusive VP community with members all around the world.
We dedicated our time to #ThePhotoMode monthly magazine release

VP Unified

All virtual photography communities under one Discord server!

The SCRYN team

Special credits

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